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Pearle Vision Customer Reviews

Two satisfied Pearle Vision customers walk down the street while wearing glasses on a winter day.

?I have been here several times over the last few years and I have always had excellent service, but this past visit took the cake! I brought my 8-year-old twins in for an eye exam last week and they were both a little apprehensive about the exam and possibly needing glasses. The doctor?and his assistant made my kids feel so comfortable in his office and they even had fun during the exam. He was so patient and answered all of their questions, they had lots of fun looking at the optomap of their eye and learning a little about nerves and blood vessels and how eyes work. By the time we walked out of there my daughter was looking forward to picking out eyeglasses and changed her future dream job from veterinarian to optometrist! I’m not sure that you can ask for more from a business and we will be back for many years to come.?
? Jodie M., Centerville, Tennessee

?I had such a great experience here. I haven’t had my eyes tested in over 10 years and I went to Pearle Vision?the other weekend and the doctor?was so nice and informative. The other employees at this place are also very nice and seem to really enjoy working there. I ended up needing glasses and when I went to pick them up I was a little dizzy at first putting them on since I have never had glasses before. The doctor was willing to retest me right then because he actually cared. I got used to the glasses and the prescription is perfect and I am so happy I can see.?
? Mary S., Littleton, Colorado

?After having an eye problem misdiagnosed by my doctor and an ophthalmologist, I stopped in to see the optometrist here because my eye was turning inward and painful. This doctor examined me, made some calls and sent me over to Mass Eye and Ear where my problem was treated correctly. These people are the best! The staff is efficient and courteous, the doctor is superwoman!?
? Chris B., Boston, Massachusetts

A mother and her young daughter smile at each other while wearing glasses and preparing a salad in their kitchen.?Went to this location for the first time yesterday and had a great experience. The optician?was outstanding! He was very patient and helpful, as I sorted through the different frame and coating options, as well as money saving options. He also replaced the broken nose pads on my current glasses and adjusted them, which is a great help as I ride out my final days with this pair! The doctor?did a thorough medical and optical history, and exam (probably the most thorough one I’ve ever had).?
? Valerie G., Chicago, Illinois

?I have never been to the same optometrist twice. No one has stood out to me and simply I don’t seem to care if I have a regular or not. Well I think I have finally found a place after 15 years. First, let me say I am all about the service. And I can honestly say that this place has it. I had my eye exam and bought my glasses here and I was very pleased with both.?

?Let’s start with the exam. The receptionist was very sweet and helpful. The doctor was thorough and very knowledgeable. He told me information I should have gotten when I had first started using contacts. Better late than never I guess. I felt very comfortable which I’m usually not. Very good experience.?

?Once I got done, I went next door to look at their selection. I was very pleased not only with my glasses and the selection but at the service. Everyone was so nice and informative. You can tell they are really about making you feel comfortable and not just trying to sell you something. I told them my budget and they tried to find something for me without making me feel like a cheapskate. Of course I ended up going over budget because I found a pair I fell in love with. And to be honest, they were inexpensive compared to how much I’ve spent before so it was worth it.?

?I definitely will be back next year for my next exam. Check this place out. You won’t be disappointed! I sure wasn’t.?
? Lucy, Dallas, Texas

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